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Emergency Powers
Dark Network
Faithless Elector

EMERGENCY POWERS - The accidental President is no accident.
In Emergency Powers, when the president dies in office, FBI Agent Imogen Trager knows that the conspiracy she chased madly down a blind alley still has life in it, and she’s running out of time.

Early reviews have been kind. Check it out!

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Dark Network finds the determined heroine Imogen Trager still searching for the truth. Pushed to the outside of the case for her conduct during the Faithless Elector investigation, she joins forces with Trey Kelly, an FBI network specialist, also a Bureau outsider. The nation is still without a president-elect, and there's only a month until the inauguration.

ISBN 978-0-692-79784-6 260 pages Retail $12.99

Distributor:  Ingram, standard discount and return applies

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In Faithless Elector, everyone thinks the election is over...

A young researcher uncovers a series of deaths among Electors and must race against time and secret, deadly efficient conspiracy.

In politics, six weeks can be a lifetime...or the end of one. The first Imogen Trager thriller.

ISBN 978-0-692-79783-9 204 pages Retail $11.99

Distributor:  Ingram, standard discount and return applies

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