James McCrone.

James McCrone - REVIEWS for Emergency Powers, Dark Network -and- Faithless Elector

The investigation that was FBI Agent Imogen Trager’s undoing may be the key to stopping a brutal, false flag terrorist attack meant to tighten a puppet president’s grip on power.

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Advance praise and REVIEWS:

“Tense action, dire motives, and dark secrets. A high-stakes political thriller that feels so chillingly true, you pray it’s not.” — TOM STRAW, Seven-time NYT bestselling author, as Richard Castle

“A great read! McCrone decisively establishes his mastery of compelling, heart-pounding and thoroughly intriguing geo-political thrillers.”
— STEPHEN MACK JONES, August Snow, Lives Laid Away

In EMERGENCY POWERS “McCrone takes ‘any means necessary’ to a level that once seemed unimaginable. That it seems more plausible and possible today should give all of us pause. A TIMELY AND CAUTIONARY TALE.” —Dennis Heizel, Booktrib

“James McCrone excels in crafting the unexpected, not just for Imogen but in the lives and deaths of those surrounding her. His ability to portray a heroine who makes both good and bad decisions, struggles to get her personal life and professional career back on track, and faces the ultimate sacrifice as a result of her decisions is well-done, providing many action-packed and unexpected moments throughout.”
— DIANE DONOVAN, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Highly recommended for fans of intelligent thrillers revolving around politics. The writing style is crisp and straightforward, keeping the pace moving swiftly. The mystery is tautly plotted, and from the first page to the last, the reader is gripped by the layered unfolding of events. The corruption of politics, the machinations of those behind the scenes, the movement of money, and the far-reaching impact of a select few players makes for a read that feels ripped from the headlines.”- PEN & INK REVIEWS

McCrone’s research and political insight are an intriguing backdrop to this tale…and will be a pleasant surprise to readers used to more gunplay-style action. Great for fans of Brad Meltzer, David Baldacci. — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“The depth and breadth of research needed to create the believable political and law enforcement scenarios is a testament to McCrone’s craftsmanship. The seamless writing doesn’t distract from the flow as sometimes happens with less polished gun-and-run thrillers. Many characters are multidimensional, another anomaly in this plot-driven genre, and readers will enjoy discovering the strengths and flaws of good guys and bad guys alike.”
-KATE ROBINSON, US Review of Books

“A rapid-fire FBI investigation exposes lies, money, and violence behind the American presidency…There are three tough female characters that steal the show: FBI agents Vega, Sartain, and Trager…These strong women shoulder much of the burden in this novel and deserve a large credit in why it succeeds.” -T. LIEBERMAN, Independent Book Review

“In this latest series entry, Imogen remains a memorable protagonist—a ‘bookish’ and ‘formal’ intellectual who’s as tough as she is smart. Emergency Powers “has a highly cinematic quality to it, with plenty of action along the way. -KIRKUS REVIEW

In Emergency Powers, James McCrone rockets the reader through a tale of political intrigue in a way fans of this series have come to expect and enjoy. This high-speed thriller is thought-provoking, well-researched, and timely. Add McCrone's books to your shelves.

Emergency Powers brings the Faithless Elector trilogy to a nail-biting finale. A dynamic mix of political intrigue and high-stakes personal drama, ultimately offering keen portraits of true patriotism—its weight, its costs, and the courage that drives it.
— ART TAYLOR, Edgar Award-winning author of The Boy Detective & The Summer of ’74

McCrone’s knack for capturing the complexity of political vulnerability in an intelligent thriller is on full display here. As timely as it is compelling, this well-researched political thriller is top notch. The people in McCrone's world are smart, driven, and it kept me guessing until the very end.
— MYSTI BERRY, editor, the LOW DOWN DIRTY VOTE series

Emergency Powers follows Trager "as she tries to wrangle with her demotion from golden girl to the FBI’s problem child and uncover the truth behind the incredible events unfolding at Capitol Hill and further afield…It beautifully combines the bureaucracy of a spy thriller with the tantalising chase that’s usually seen in detective novels. -HANNAH STEVENSON, Dorset Book Detective

ISBN 978-0-692-79784-6 260 pages Retail $12.99

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Dark Network review quotes with links to full reviews:

"Gripping and unpredictable, Dark Network could not have appeared at a better time...highly recommended for political thriller readers and mystery fans alike."
--D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Baldacci and Meltzer fans will appreciate the plot’s twists and the easy-to-empathize-with lead. McCrone’s second political thriller featuring FBI agent Imogen Trager builds on the dramatic tension of its predecessor, 2016’s Faithless Elector”--Publishers Weekly

"[McCrone] yet again deftly delivers a combination of stirring action and remarkably intricate plot entanglements,” and “skillfully depicts a country pushed to the brink…A rousing and provocative political thriller…”-Kirkus Review

“This is a fast-paced, well-timed political thriller that is sure to satisfy… Imogen Trager is a quick-thinking and professional character, while also remaining endearing and sympathetic. Her character should appeal to both male and female readers alike." -J Duffield, The US Review of Books

“The writing is crisp and well done with an atmosphere of foreboding… McCrone’s style is surprisingly mature…You'll love the ending.” R. Sakulich, The (Doylestown) Intelligencer

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In Faithless Elector, everyone thinks the election is over...

A young researcher uncovers a series of deaths among Electors and must race against time and secret, deadly efficient conspiracy.

ISBN 978-0-692-79783-9 204 pages Retail $11.99

Distributor:  Ingram, standard discount and return applies

Faithless Elector review quotes with links to full reviews:

Faithless Elector is a "fast-moving topical thriller."  Its surprising twists add up to a highly suspenseful read."
--Publishers Weekly  full review

"A gripping and intelligently executed political drama." -Kirkus Review

"The pleasure of Faithless Elector lies not just its smooth evocative prose, but in the author's justified confidence that good writing can make chases through recognizable locales sufficiently exciting without a Navy SEAL or a terrorist plot." --Plattsburgh Press-Republican