James McCrone.

James McCrone - Reviews for Dark Network -and- Faithless Elector

In Dark Network Imogen Trager, the determined heroine of the "highly suspenseful" Faithless Elector, is desperate to stop a murderous dark network intent on siezing the presidency. NoirPolitik thrillers for an uncertain era.

ISBN 978-0-692-79784-6 260 pages Retail $12.99

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Dark Network review quotes with links to full reviews:

"Gripping and unpredictable, Dark Network could not have appeared at a better time...highly recommended for political thriller readers and mystery fans alike."
--D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Baldacci and Meltzer fans will appreciate the plot’s twists and the easy-to-empathize-with lead. McCrone’s second political thriller featuring FBI agent Imogen Trager builds on the dramatic tension of its predecessor, 2016’s Faithless Elector”--Publishers Weekly

"[McCrone] yet again deftly delivers a combination of stirring action and remarkably intricate plot entanglements,” and “skillfully depicts a country pushed to the brink…A rousing and provocative political thriller…”-Kirkus Review

“This is a fast-paced, well-timed political thriller that is sure to satisfy… Imogen Trager is a quick-thinking and professional character, while also remaining endearing and sympathetic. Her character should appeal to both male and female readers alike." -J Duffield, The US Review of Books

“The writing is crisp and well done with an atmosphere of foreboding… McCrone’s style is surprisingly mature…You'll love the ending.” R. Sakulich, The (Doylestown) Intelligencer

“An exciting and tension filled tale that will captivate your imagination, blow your mind about potential conspiracies, and make you wonder when it all went wrong. Fiction that reads like reality; reality that feels like fiction. -The Review Cafe

"A fast paced, heart pounding political thriller.  I loved Dark Network, a fantastic, unpredictable political suspense novel.  James McCrone is an exceptional novelist and one to keep an eye on and promote.  I fully recommend it to all readers who love the thrill of a great read. A must read!" Review,Chick Lit Cafe

Dark Network "captures the reader's attention and gives them the excitement they want...highly recommended."-Quick Book Reviews

"Who knew the Electoral College could be so interesting and so rife with crime, corruption and gamesmanship!"  Dark Network is "absorbing and the action never stops." --"Kathleen Doler, author of the award-winning novel "THE HOOK."

Dark Network “is a gripping, taut political thriller, excellently written by a very intelligent author who has drawn on a wealth of experience to craft this great novel. I liked Imogen's character - she has good instincts, determination …4 stars” —Miriam Smith, review, Goodreads

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In Faithless Elector, everyone thinks the election is over...

A young researcher uncovers a series of deaths among Electors and must race against time and secret, deadly efficient conspiracy.

ISBN 978-0-692-79783-9 204 pages Retail $11.99

Distributor:  Ingram, standard discount and return applies

Faithless Elector review quotes with links to full reviews:

Faithless Elector is a "fast-moving topical thriller."  Its surprising twists add up to a highly suspenseful read."
--Publishers Weekly  full review

"A gripping and intelligently executed political drama." -Kirkus Review

"The pleasure of Faithless Elector lies not just its smooth evocative prose, but in the author's justified confidence that good writing can make chases through recognizable locales sufficiently exciting without a Navy SEAL or a terrorist plot." --Plattsburgh Press-Republican

"Taut and well-paced, but for readers reading between the lines it also works on a moral level." --BookViral

"An amazing and timely thriller; a fast paced, intense story of political intrigue and mystery; a relevant look into the political process and the real potential for fraudulent elections. The premise is intellectually stimulating, engaging and realistic; the characters are colorful, inspiring and passionate. FAITHLESS ELECTOR is a fascinating and riveting look at the conceivability of the unimaginable." -- The Review Cafe

"Be prepared to read this book in a very short period of time—it’s that intriguing. There are mysterious deaths, a hint of romance, amateur detective work, and a plot that will have you wondering who done it right up until the end…and maybe afterwards. --Florence Osmund (author/reviewer)

"I could hardly put it down. The characters in this book were strong and believable... particularly Imogen Trager, a former grad-student of his who is now working for the FBI...The descriptions and imagery were fantastic." --Marcha Cox (author/reviewer)

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