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The FBI is leaking, the Attorney General is being undermined, politicians are spinning, social media is in an uproar and a murderous dark network is gunning for anyone standing in their way. Although not based on current events, the Imogen Trager series--Faithless Elector & Dark Network-- certainly resonates with them.

Dark Network debuted Oct. 20, 2017. REVIEWS

Imogen Trager is the glamorous and determined heroine of FAITHLESS ELECTOR, DARK NETWORK, and the forthcoming Consent of the Governed. 

Publishers Weekly calls Faithless Elector a “fast-moving topical thriller.” Its “surprising twists add up to a highly suspenseful read.” 

Kirkus Reviews calls it "a gripping and intelligently executed political drama." 

The Imogen Trager novels, of which Faithless Elector, was the first, are potent political thrillers that pit ordinary people against a dark conspiracy bent on subverting democracy.

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